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Expand your real estate knowledge and become an aware buyer. Here are some of our latest blog posts to help you out. We try to cover as many interesting real-estate-associated topics as we can - choose the most relevant to you, you won’t regret reading our articles!
Social isolation can be difficult, especially if you’re not used to it. It sounds easy on the surface: Just stay home! If you’re cut off from the social contact and day-to-day routines that you’re used to, though, this can have a significant negative impact on your…
Rockie Marvel wins the 2020 Five Star Real Estate Agent Award! Five Star Real Estate Agents represent those who are outstanding in their field. Winning agents are selected as a result of a rigorous and objective research process. For any market, each year’s field of…
Even though everything seems to have ground to a halt, it’s important to think about things a bit further down the line. This not only helps you to prepare for when things start back up again, but it can also make you a bit more self-sufficient in the future. This is…

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